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      CAPTODOR Odour Destroyer Toiletry Kit

      This wicked Captodor Odor Destroyer Toiletry Kit includes Captodor's best selling products all in one convenient kit. The Captodor Toiletry Kit keeps all of your toiletry items secure and protected from spilling inside an equipment bag or suitcase. This toiletry kit is great for on the roads whether it's for a tournament, road trip, or work trip.

      Each Captodor Toiletry Kit includes:

      • 1x Toiletry Kit Bag/Case
      • 1x Captodor Odor Destroyer Spray (240ml)
      • 1x Captodor Ultra Shower Gel (400ml)
      • 1x Captodor Hand Purifying Hydro-Gel (90ml)