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      Concorde 12" Speed Hurdle

      Each Speed and Agility Hurdle is made from extremely durable ABS and is constructed to withstand the demands of serious personal trainers and hardcore sports conditioning workouts.

      Speed and Agility Hurdles can be arranged in multiple Patterns for agility training and speed training drills. This sports conditioning fitness equipment is also ideal to dramatically improve foot speed. Athletes can run walk step or jump over the speed and agility hurdles depending on the focus of the personal training boot camp or sports conditioning drill. These are a convenient and super Lightweight training device that can increase speed strength power agility quickness and reaction time when used in any boot camp personal training or sports conditioning workout. There are no sharp edges on these speed and agility hurdles and they are designed to withstand impact or fall forward if struck. This helps to ensure the safety of athletes and minimizes injuries.


      • Made from strong ABS plastic
      • 18"Wide x 12" deep x 12" height
      • red in Color