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      Jackson Ultima BB500 Barefoot Booties

      Always pushing innovation, the Barefoot Bootie is designed to prevent irritation & injury and increase comfort, eliminating the possibility of needing to use a generic gel sock.

      With the added benefit of incorporating anti-microbial materials and being machine-washable, you will be using your Barefoot Bootie for sessions to come!

      Easier break-in on new boots and increased longevity, decreasing premature breakdown. 

      Increased performance vs socks, dramatically reducing and in most cases, eliminating blisters.

      • Neoprene outer with a soft absorbing layer of compression support
      • Protects against tendon damage
      • Protects against blister on ankle
      • Can be trimmed for the perfect fit
      • 2mm think, allowing for a more snug fitting boot and virtually eliminating heel slipping
      • Increased comfort while reducing skin irritation and lace bite
      • Provides barefoot feel for those who prefer to skate that way