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      Rapid Aid 1-Use Instant Ice Pack

      Rapid Relief Instant Cold Pack is the economical choice for on-the-spot cold therapy.

      It works to help immediately reduce swelling and provide comfort after injury.

      More convenient than ice but just as effective, this portable pack can be used anywhere, anytime.

      Plus, with our FTP™ (Fold-to-Pop)


      Cold Therapy – For immediate injury treatment

      • Relieves aches & pains: Reduces inflammation and muscle spasms
      • Reduces swelling & bruising: Helps sooth pain by reducing blood flow to the area
      • Numbs the sore area: Works effectively to reduce pain
      • Easy activation with FTP™ (Fold-to-Pop) technology
      • Delivers approximately 1°C/34°F of cold therapy when activated at room temperature