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      OS1ST Performance Foot Sleeves (Pair)

      The FS6 Performance Compression Foot Sleeve relieves symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinitis, hell pain, foot swelling, and other discomfort.

      Comes with two (2) compression foot sleeves per package. 

      Under Pressure? Give your best performance!

      When you get your blood pumping all the muscles in your body need their share. Proper circulation is important for maintaining and rebuilding muscles after intense workouts. A sports foot compression sleeve will support your muscles while they work hard. 

      The BEST Plantar Fasciitis socks and sports compression foot sleeves.

      The FS6 Sports compression foot sleeve provides medical grade orthopedic support. Patent pending Compression Zone Technology® relieves and prevents pain.  Get relief from past injuries plantar fasciitis chronic heel pain swollen arthritic ankles and feet or poor circulation.

      6 zones of graduated compression

      The OS1st® FS6 sports compression foot sleeve has a comfortable shaped fit.  The high performance design delivers six different zones of compression. This is a product that is comfortable and easy to wear daily. You can wear the FS6 under your Regular socks and shoes. Don’t let bulky and uncomfortable splints keep you from your peak performance.

      Defend your foot's health

      This sports foot compression sleeve reduces and prevents pain and injury from active lifestyles. Save yourself the hassle of putting your feet up and work on recovering!