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      TriSwim 251 ml Conditioner

      TriSwim's Conditioner pampers and moisturizes your hair. This innovative formula works to hydrate and condition while improving dry and damaged hair without leaving a heavy buildup. Formulated with a Light Pineapple/citrus scent that appeals to men women and children TRISWIM Conditioner uses the finest ingredients that will leave your hair hydrated shiny smooth and healthy looking. Recommendation: Use TriSwim's Shampoo to completely remove Chlorine Bromine Salt Water and odor; follow with TriSwim Conditioner.


      • TriSwimConditioner is extremely hydrating since it is specifically formulated for swimmers or active individuals who are exposed to harsh drying elements such as Chlorine Bromine Salt and Sun.
      • Keratin Proteins and mega nutrients leave the hair soft healthy and shiny.
      • Citrus/Pineapple scent is appealing to men women children and is considered a "salon rated" product.
      • A little goes a long way.
      • No Animal testing.
      • Paraben Free.
      • TriSwim is the #1 rated Hair & Skin Care product by United States Masters Swimming.

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