Bike Clothing: Essentials for the Ride

March 05, 2023
Bike Clothing: Essentials for the Ride
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Choose the Right Cycling Gear for Your Next Ride 

You’re likely reading this because you haven’t yet invested in proper cycling clothing and you’re looking for the reasons why and where to start. First, we’ll start with the reasons why, which are your comfort and your performance.

Comfort in Touchpoints

One of the most critical influences on your riding comfort is your gear. We call these your ‘touchpoints’, areas where you’re interacting with the bike directly. When we hear concerns about sore hands, arms, feet, etc., the first thing we’ll ask is what people are wearing. Having proper gloves, shorts and shoes do more than look the part, they truly improve the comfort of your ride and reduce strain.

Comfort in Weather

Bikes are meant to be rode year-around, but it’s the rider that needs the most help. Particularly in our Alberta weather, proper cycling gear is what you need to keep warm, keep cool or keep dry. Biking exerts your body, and proper clothing manages your sweat, heat and comfort.

Performance Support

How you connect with your bike is more than just comfort, it impacts your cycling performance. Gloves and shoes have a big impact on how well you can control your bike, plus, when you pair it with good sunglasses, have a big impact on your safety. 

Where to Start with Cycling Gear

Shorts and Tops

Cycling shorts, shirts, socks are not just ordinary clothing. The shorts in particular are designed with fit and padding to ensure a superior comfort when riding. We likely don’t have to describe the stress that a bike seat can have on your body during a long ride. Cycling tops are designed to keep you cool while you ride, while also providing extra protection from the sun’s harsh rays. 

Cycling Shoes

Make room in your closet for a proper pair of cyclist shoes. They’re designed for a proper connection with your pedals to maximize your power and efficiency on the road. Plus, they will protect well against the elements while providing breathability to your feet which are going through a lot of hard work! United has a wide selection of top cycling shoes that you can find online or speak with our experts in store.


Eyewear is important in practically any sport, but cycling glasses are critical when considering your safety. Much of the cycling we do is on the road and alongside people and vehicles, and if you’re riding around sunrise or set, sunglasses are a must. A solid pair of shades will protect your eyes from the sun, bugs, road debris and also stick to your face well to avoid falling off.

Cold Weather Gear

Jackets and base layers are incredibly valuable to have in your closet when the weather starts getting cool. You should never have to skip the ride due to some chill outside! Also, it’s worth having a rain jacket packed in your bag. They’re light and easy to store for those unscheduled rainy days.

Wrapping it up

Cyclist gear is specifically designed for comfort. It uses breathable, lightweight fabrics and materials that reduce chafing and irritation. You’ll find yourself enjoying the ride even more with the right gear, so take a look at our wide selection online or visit us in store.

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