Prepare for a Fat Biking Adventure

September 08, 2021
Prepare for a Fat Biking Adventure
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Prepare for a Fat Biking Adventure

Trail riding and off-road adventures don’t stop just because the snow is falling. If you’re cycling enthusiast and you either own or are looking at a fat bike, you need to get out and experience true winter riding.

Our team has put together their list of winter adventure must haves if you’re riding in the snow.

Figuring Out What to Wear Fat Biking

There are plenty of ways to stay warm without investing in new clothes, but our bike shop does have a variety of cold weather clothes available.

What to look for in winter bike clothing:

  • Some breathable layers (a thermal shirt and thermal pants)
  • Warm hiking boots or winter cycling boots
  • Running gloves, winter cycling gloves or bike pogies
  • A neck warmer
  • A running balaclava to keep ears warm under a helmet or an insulated helmet
  • An old school winter puffer coat made for cold weather


Your Fat Biking Adventure

If you’re new to a fat bike, the ride isn’t as awkward as you might thing. The extra wide tires are great for traction and stability, which can make your ride even easier. Trust us, it’ll feel just like ‘riding a bike’. Before you know it, you’ll have the confidence to go anywhere.

Go As a Team

When biking off-road, it is safer if you have friends with you. If you happen to take a tumble down a hill or get stuck in some deep snow, you can rely on strength in numbers. A fat bike might way more than a bike you’re used to, plus you’re carrying all your winter gear.

Where to Go Fat Biking in Edmonton

Speaking as an Edmonton bike shop, we can head out from our Old Strathcona location and within a two hour ride see some amazing sights.

  • You can head north and get some incredible views from Saskatchewan Drive overlooking the Walterdale Bridge.
  • Take some narrow river valley trails down by the North Saskatchewan.
  • Head east to Hawrelak Park, and then slowly pedaled your way back uphill, taking Groat Road towards Belgravia.


Don’t Have a Fat Bike?

Don’t let that stop you. It’s not hard to outfit your ride to be winter ready! Places like Edmonton are cold for so long, that if you only bike during the summer, you’re missing a better part of the year.

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