Bauer Game Fit guide

July 26, 2022
Bauer Game Fit guide
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Expertise meets technology 

Your best game starts with the perfect fit. And you can achieve that right here at United Sport & Cycle with the help of our hockey experts and the Bauer Game Fit system. Whether it’s protective, skates, sticks, or helmets, our hockey experts can use Bauer’s Game Fit system to set you up with the right fit so you can concentrate on what really matters: the game. 

Game Fit sticks 

You need the right tool for the job, so getting game fit for a stick from our team is a no brainer! This sophisticated technology allows our experts to analyze your shooting motion in real time to determine which Bauer stick is best for you. You start by simply entering your height and weight to determine a recommended flex to try for a stick, then start shooting. Once the Game Fit system anaylzes your shot, it determines the right stick and flex for you based on your hand positioning on the stick, the position of the puck in relation to your feet, and how far down the shaft your hands are. After the Game Fit system analyzes your shot, it shows you what stick family and flex you can use to get the most out of your game! A stick picked from Game Fit analysis is that much more likely to perform best when the lights are brightest.

Game Fit skates 

Tired of the guesswork that comes with fitting skates? Come down and visit us so our experts can get you game fit! With Game Fit skates, we use data and measurements to make sure you get a perfect fit right out of the box. Bauer’s 3D skate lab technology uses a 7 point measuring system for your foot so you can get a complete picture of how a skate should fit. This system takes into account width, length, depth, and potential hotspots on your foot - all so you can get a perfect fit before even stepping on the ice. The Game Fit system uses all this data to make a tailored recommendation of both the family and model of skate that would be best for you. This means you can get a skate that is adapted to your foot instead of worrying about how your foot will fit. With all these variables accounted for, you can get a skate fit that is adapted to your foot, as opposed to having to adapt your foot to fit the skate you want.

Game Fit protective gear

Dial in expertise with technology when you visit our hockey experts. Our experts have years of experience fitting hockey equipment for kids and adults alike, but now they have additional help with Bauer Game Fit. The Game Fit protective system will give players a front and side profile measurement and then automatically recommend sizes for the player. Of course, potential fit may vary, but the Game Fit system helps take the headache out of trying on tons of different pads by giving players a great starting point for sizing. The Game Fit system is the key towards starting your experience not by trying on every single piece of protective, but by making informed decisions based on the data the system provides so you can zero in on the right family of protective based on your level of play and needs.

Game Fit helmet 

A helmet is arguably the most important piece of equipment you can buy as a hockey player. Having a helmet that fits properly drastically reduces your risk of injury, and with Game Fit, you can get a truly great fit before you even set foot on the ice. Our experts use Bauer’s Game Fit system takes a full scan of a player’s head. Combined with detailed performance goals and player information, our experts can get a full picture of the perfect helmet for you. Game Fit zeroes in on different fit points on the player’s head in order to provide not only the best helmet option for the player, but also give recommendations on the ideal size and freeform adjustment setting that works best for the player. We can also show you different characteristics of each helmet model, along with different cage options for each helmet as well. This complete profile generated by the app can also be emailed to you as a customer if you want some time to mull over which helmet is best for you. 

It doesn't matter how sophisticated your equipment is - if it doesn't fit properly, it won't help you on the ice. Visit our team at United Sport & Cycle today to get game fit in the latest Bauer gear today!  



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