Family and Outdoor Games - Outdoor Rink ODR

November 03, 2021
Family and Outdoor Games - Outdoor Rink ODR
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Build the Perfect Evening at the ODR

It's never too early to start thinking about the winter hockey season. But beyond the holidays and celebrations, what is the season really about? It's about the memories you make with the people you love. We can help you build the perfect outdoor rink (ODR) evening from beginning to end.

Step 1: Set up your nets
It's time to start the game! Set up the nets on both ends. Wade through the inevitable argument with your dad about the size of the crease. It always seems like his team gets the smaller crease. Get out the measuring tape to make sure both are the same size.

Step 2: Choose your stick
It'll be up to you to take up the goal scoring mantle this year. So you'll need a hockey stick that can do the job. Your dad still uses his ancient wooden stick with the straight blade - it's what makes him so annoying to play against. You're sure you've got the edge this year, though.

Step 3: Gear up
Protect against your dad's particular brand of defense - the kind where he whacks your ankles until you turn the puck over - with some shin guards. These games are usually a marathon, so make sure you've got warm socks, base layers, and gloves.

Step 4: Set up your intermission supplies
Yes, this game has an intermission. No, that isn't weird. Break out your Thermos to warm up and strategize for the latter half of the game. You know your dad broke out the clipboard to game plan - so make sure you're ready for whatever he's drawn up.

Step 5: Focus up for the second half
The second half is about to start. You just need to grab all the pucks from the snowbank - good thing you brought a lot of them.

Step 6: Crunch time
The score is tied. The clock is winding down. It's last goal wins time. You've got the puck on your stick and only one man to beat. One quick open ice cut (thanks to your freshly sharpened skates) and you're in the clear. Head fake, backhand, shelf. You've finally won the Christmas Shinny championship - despite complaints from your dad.

Step 7: Relax by the fireplace, speculate about the gifts under the tree
Is this finally the year that your dad gets a new hockey stick? What about some stocking stuffers that'll help with next year's game? Whatever your needs, we can help you make memories with the people you love the most.


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