Bauer's Prosharp Profiling

October 18, 2022
Bauer's Prosharp Profiling
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Bauer’s Proshsarp profiling can keep you on top of your game whenever you touch the ice. Skate profiling is the process of shaping your blade to control how much of it touches the ice. Bauer has a number of profiles for you to choose from - so you can tailor your skate profile to maximize your performance on the ice by providing better balance, maneuverability, and speed. 

Prosharp profiling can give you an edge on the ice by allowing you to tailor your skates to the specific type of player you are. Bauer's Prosharp system can give you the extra edge you need to stand out on the ice - weather you're looking to create a little bit more acceleration out of the corner or looking to add more top end speed to your stride. To achieve the best results with profiling, we also recommend you get your skates profiled 3 times a season - once at the beginning, once in the middle of the season, and once near the end so you can be ready for the playoffs. 

Bauer offers 3 different profiles: 

  • The Quad profile is designed for powerful skaters who want the most amount of top end speed possible. 
  • The Zuperior profile is designed for agile skaters who want to be explosive when changing direction. 
  • The Ellipse profile is a dynamic profile that combines elements of the Quad and Zuperior for players who want both high top end speed and quick acceleration in their game. 

Bauer’s Prosharp machines take the guesswork out of profiling, as each profile is programmed into the machine so you know you’ll be getting a perfect profile every time. 

Whether you already know which profile you want, or you’re unsure of where to start, our friendly hockey experts can help you choose the right profile for your game so you can take things to the next level on the ice today. 

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