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November 15, 2021
People playing Crossnet game indoors Edmonton Alberta
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A New Twist on an Old Favourite

Want to play volleyball with a twist? Look no further than Crossnet! The game inspired by volleyball that evolves the formula in new and exciting ways! Four people can play against one another with the adjustable net that you can set up in mere minutes.


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Play however you want

There are many ways to play! You can make players rotate through sections for serving and scoring. You can play more fluidly with every person have an opportunity to score and serve regardless of which square they’re in. You can always vary the ruleset depending on how many players you have and what their experience level is. Whichever way you choose, you’re in for an action-packed game with friends.


Easy set-up and transportability

With Crossnet's easy to follow instructions, the net can be assembled and taken down in a matter of minutes, meaning less hassle and more time for outdoor fun for everyone! Additionally, Crossnet is a game you can take anywhere you go—it packs down into a compact carrying case, and can be set up indoors, in the sand, on grass, and really any surface!


Crossnet is a Game for All Ages

Arguably the best part about Crossnet is that almost anyone can play it. It is actually designed with this in mind, since the creators of Crossnet felt that many recreational games were too challenging for children, yet too easy for adults. Crossnet strikes a wonderful balance since it allows for all players to stay active throughout the game, yet doesn't require too strenuous of activity. This makes for a fantastic family activity, that can also become a spirited and competitive match with the right group of players! Overall, Crossnet makes for a dynamic and entertaining activity for all ages, capabilities, and activity levels.

Hone your skills

Practice your technique in a fun and casual manner! Work on your touch around the net, your setting, and your situational awareness. Skill development has never been this fun!



Change the game

Change the way you play and buy a set to match. We also offer double sets for 8 players, the Crossnet indoor set for those colder days, and Crossnet H20 nets so you can play in the lake if you so choose! Whether you're looking for a fun indoor activity to stay active or a classic family game you can play on the beach on those summer evenings, choose Crossnet and start playing today!


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