Scooters vs skateboards buying guide for parents

May 26, 2022
Scooters vs skateboards buying guide for parents
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As your kids keep growing older, they’re going to keep looking for more ways to get moving. With this, you’re faced with a choice as a parent: how do you get your kids moving safely and comfortably? 

Scooters and skateboards are both great options for kids. They provide a more affordable entry point to riding and rolling than a bike, so they can be seen as very appealing options for parents looking to buy their kids! 

But which one is best for your child? It’s important to consider the different aspects of each so your child can roll in both comfort and safety!


Scooters in general present a more approachable learning curve compared to skateboards. With their attached handlebars, your child can focus on steering with their hands and less on maintaining their balance. Better balance means fewer falls, and more comfort for first time riders. Scooters also generally ride lower to the ground than skateboards, meaning in the event your child does take a spill, it has less of a chance of being a major one! 

Scooter advantages:

  • Easier to learn 
  • Safer for first time learners 
  • Easier to balance and maneuver 


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Skateboards present more of a challenge for a child. They inherently require more balance and technique in order to be handled safely. Your child will have to come to grips with the lack of handlebars and steering the board with their body. While a skateboard comes with a higher learning curve, that also means that mastering that curve can feel more rewarding and can open up more freedom of expression for a child. For children that are more confident in their abilities and have demonstrated more skill, a skateboard can open up a whole world of possibilities! Skateboards also come in more styles than traditional kick scooters, so your child can really zero in on what type of board they want. Finally, a skateboard can easily be picked up and tucked under a kid’s arm, making it a solid option for journeys when rolling isn’t always an option.

Skateboard advantages:

  • Can present a fun challenge for more advanced kids 
  • Easier to carry 
  • More complex techniques mean more ways for kids to express themselves on the board 


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The bottom line: 

It’s important to keep a child’s safety and comfort top of mind no matter whether they’re scooting or skating. Make sure they’re outfitted with the proper safety gear and accessories to protect them in case of a fall. Used safely, both scooters and skateboards open up a ton of possibilities for kids to get rolling!


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