Family & Outdoor Games - Disc Golf

November 03, 2021
Family & Outdoor Games - Disc Golf
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Getting Into Disc Golf is Easy!

The game you can pack up and take anywhere. Gone are the days of lugging a heavy bag of clubs or fighting over who gets to drive the golf cart. With disc golf, you can recreate the experience of golf without the wait times and high cost. Thinking of getting into disc golf, or becoming more of an enthusiast? Here's how disc golf can be a gateway to summer fun and memories for you and your friends!

A bag full of discs is light as a feather!

Gone are the days of lugging an uncomfortable bag of clubs for 18 backbreaking holes. Fit all your discs into a stylish backpack!

Build out your collection for cheap!

Golfing can be tough on the wallet. The newest composite driver and lightweight putter can set you back hundreds of dollars. For the price of a single new golf club, you can fully gear up for a season of disc golf with short range discs, midrange discs, and driver discs!

Take the course anywhere!

If you want to golf in the city, you don't have a ton of options. Often, you have to make quite a trek to find a course of your liking. Thankfully with disc golf, you can take the course anywhere with you if you want! We have portable disc golf targets that you can use to set up an impromptu course wherever you want!

Golf more, golf quicker!

Golfing means setting up a tee time and paying a greens fee. Disc golf, thankfully, is completely free! You also don't have to call ahead to reserve your spot! Spend that money you save on refreshments instead!


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