The Best Lacrosse Equipment for Beginners - Including Sticks, Shafts, and Heads

March 17, 2021
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Beginner Lacrosse Sticks and Heads

Here at United Sport & Cycle, we understand that choosing the right equipment for your sport can be a challenging endeavor. That’s why we want to make sure our customers have access to all the proper information to ensure they get their hands on the most suitable equipment for them.

Today, we are going to talk about the best lacrosse equipment for players in the beginning phase of their careers – including shafts, heads, and complete sticks. 


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First Off - What Equipment do I need as a Beginner Lacrosse Player?

To begin, you are going to need to choose a lacrosse head and a lacrosse shaft/handle, or choose to buy a complete stick. Whether you are a new player or a professional, it is important to ensure that your equipment is the best possible fit for you so that you are set up for maximum success. In addition to a good lacrosse head and shaft, you are going to need to get equipped with full protective equipment – including a helmet, gloves, arm pads, shoulder and rib pads, and potentially goalie pads - should that be your position of choice. Most entry level players end up purchasing a complete stick due to the purchasing simplicity—but that does not mean you can’t choose buy the head and shaft separately should that be your preference. Regardless of what set-up you decide to go with, our comprehensive lacrosse equipment buying guide has got you covered.

Buying the Right Lacrosse Head

There are varying degrees of stiffness, width, weight, and angles that can be considered when looking to buy a Lacrosse head. These specifications have a wide range of effects on the performance of your lacrosse head – but for beginners, we recommend sticking with a head that is suitable for both offense and defense and allows players to develop their skills at both ends of the floor. These heads are often wider, possess medium stiffness, and feature a generous pocket. We had Erik Turner, a professional player in the National Lacrosse League, give us his top recommendations for beginner lacrosse heads which are featured below.

Buying the Right Lacrosse Shaft

Although lacrosse shafts can feature a variety of specifications, they are not quite as complicated as heads in terms of features. As an overview, lighter shafts keep you more agile and quick to move down the field, whereas stronger shafts are more durable and can therefore take more physicality and deal out heavier checks. Luckily, many manufacturers have now come out with advanced technologies and materials that allow for shafts to be both light and strong, for well-rounded and unprecedented performance in all positions. Erik Turner took our products for a test drive and has determined the following lacrosse shafts to be the most suitable for beginners:

As a general trend – most beginner lacrosse players end up opting for a complete stick to avoid the process of having to match up heads and shafts. Lucky for you all—we carry a wide range of complete sticks tailored especially for beginners that will simplify the purchasing process and have you set up for success! The following complete sticks come reviewed and highly recommended from Erik Turner.

That brings us to the end of our lacrosse equipment buying guide for beginners! If you have any more questions—please do not hesitate to send an email, phone us, or drop by our Edmonton store to talk to one of our lacrosse equipment experts. Thank you for reading!

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