Top 5 Places near Edmonton to Paddleboard this Summer!

March 31, 2021
Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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Top 5 Places Near Edmonton to Paddleboard this Summer!

Stand-up paddle boarding is becoming an increasingly popular summer sport, even here in landlocked Edmonton, Alberta! It's no wonder why—paddle boarding is a great way to get out with family and friends, see some beautiful country, and get your daily dose of physical activity.

Although we may not be anywhere near an ocean - there are still plenty of great paddle boarding spots in the area to check out. We have done our research and are happy to present to you top five places near Edmonton to paddleboard.

First off: Why Stand Up Paddle Board?

Paddle boarding is a growing sport because of how fun and easy it is. Not only are you enjoying time on the water and staying active, but it is also portable and quick to setup. Approachable for all ages and so much fun to do with kids, we have grown our assortment of paddleboards to keep up with growing demand.

From and health and wellness perspective, as a paddle boarder you can work on your core strength, balance, and tone your muscles, all while relaxing in the great outdoors. Now what's not to love about all of that?

Our Top 5 Places to Paddle Board near Edmonton, Alberta.

Although located in the middle of the prairies, there are a surprising amount of great locations and lakes to go paddle boarding at in the Edmonton area! Whether you're looking for a day trip or to plan an overnighter - our top 5 paddleboarding spots will have you covered.

5. Rundle Park Ponds

Rundle Park is situated in Edmonton's northeast and runs along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. The best part about Rundle Park is that it is located within city limits, meaning that you can take your paddleboard out for a quick ride with no major time commitment. Rundle Park also features public restrooms, picnic spots, a family center, and a ton of other amenities, making it extra user friendly and an all-around great place to spend a summer day!

4. Long Island Lake

Located about an hour and a half north of Edmonton, Long Island Lake is close enough for a day trip, but far enough away to feel like you're getting a bit of a vacation outside of the city. One of the best features of Long Island Lake is that there is a playground right on the beach for full family fun!

The playground & beach are a day use area as well as a campground, so be sure to check ahead of time when visiting this summer to ensure that the day use area will be open to guests who aren’t camping. Overall, with its soft sand and swimmable water, Long Island Lake is a great destination for a day of paddleboarding!

3. Wabamun Lake

Just one hour west of Edmonton - Wabamun Lake is a fantastic destination for a day trip that won't add to much travel time to the journey! It features a good stretch of sand, water for swimming, and a playground and green space right next to the beach. It's very well maintained but be warned—it gets pretty crowded on weekends so you will want to make sure you arrive early to stake your spot!

Whether you are at Wabamun, or another lake, we feel that basic rule of thumb for purchasing a paddleboard is the bigger it is - the better. Longer and wider boards provide more stability and balance for riders, which is especially valuable if you are planning on taking kids, pets, or gear out on your paddle board with you!

2. Pigeon Lake

Pigeon Lake is located just south of Edmonton and straddles the boundary between Leduc County and the County of Wetaskiwin. One of the best parts about this lake is that it is located close to Edmonton, Leduc and Wetaskawin, making it a quick and easy getaway for many! In addition to its proximity, Pigeon Lake features plenty of services and attractions such as golfing, farmers markets, and restaurants to check out before or after your paddleboarding session.

Although much of the lakeshore has been developed for private residences, there are still plenty of public beaches and launch spots including Ma-Me-O, Norris, Grandview, Mission, Sundance, and Crystal Springs.


1. Gull Lake

Located just outside of Red Deer, Gull Lake is our top choice for paddle boarding in the Edmonton area due to its wide stretching sandy beaches and large size! This destination is located about 1.5 hours south of Edmonton, so could easily be done in a day, but also has great camping spots should you choose to make a weekend of it!

Pro Tip - we recommend trying to get out on your paddle board in the early morning hours to avoid choppy waters and strong winds that can often come up in the afternoon.

So there you have it, our top 5 paddle boarding spots near Edmonton! If you are looking to purchase a stand up paddle board, paddle, airpump, or really any accessory related to stand up paddle boarding, make sure to come visit our Edmonton store!

We've got a ton of new models coming in each year, and would love to help you get into the perfect paddle board. If you can’t make it to our store—don't worry! All our paddle board models are listed on our website, and we offer FREE shipping to all customers located in the Edmonton area. In addition to this, we offer seamless payment options through our partner paybright, making paddle boards more accessible than ever this year.

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