Wet Weather Riding: 6 Essentials for Biking in the Rain

February 23, 2023
Wet Weather Riding: 6 Essentials for Biking in the Rain
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So you look outside and see dark clouds and wet roads, do you put the bike away or do you take the challenge? With the right cycling equipment and riding gear, you won’t let a rainy forecast stop you from enjoying your ride!

We’ve assembled six essentials you should consider if you’re doing any wet weather riding.


1. Picking the right tires

Now, most people aren’t going to change tires every time the weather gets wet. But, if you want to be on your bike for all conditions, pick tires that are naturally better for riding through water.

City riders will specifically want a road tire with prominent tread patterns designed to expel water layers. Lowering your tire pressure also helps with more grip. 

In respect for bike trails and off-road environments, we don’t advocate for riding trails in wet conditions. This can cause a great deal of damage to the environment. Do your best to find alternative paths during and after rainfall to preserve trails for everyone!

You can shop our full range of tires here, or visit us in store and let one of our experts help you get the best tires.


2. Bicycle lights

Similar to bike riding at night, rainy weather often means lowered visibility. We strongly recommend having bicycle lights installed. These will help illuminate the road, but most importantly, headlights and taillights will make you visible to traffic.

United has bicycle lights starting at $20, a vital investment in all weather riding safety.


3. Install fenders

A lot of water and mud can fly up from your tires when you go through wet conditions, so a fender is a must! Most bikes won’t come with fenders already installed, and for as low as $16 you can protect yourself from tire spray. 

We offer fenders for front and rear tires, or as a set. They’re easy to install yourself, or have our service team install them for you at our store.


4. Packing extra gear

It’s always a good idea to have spare gear and an emergency kit, but if you’re cycling in the rain, a water resistant bag or container is a perfect addition. These provide greater waterproofing than a simple basket or normal backpack. We have an assortment of on-person packs, panniers, and saddle bags that offer strong water resistance.


5. Bike maintenance

Riding in the rain is just another stress on your bike’s performance, so the better shape your ride is in, the better you’ll perform. Take time and ensure your tires are inflated correctly, brakes are tight and chains are oiled. 

United offers maintenance packages to keep your bike tip-top, or you can buy maintenance tools online to take care of this at home.


6. Riding gear

Warm and dry, two things you’re going to want when biking in the rain. A waterproof jacket and some layering accessories make all the difference between a comfortable ride and a miserable one. A good pair of glasses will also keep the water and mud splatter from getting in your eyes.

You can shop all of United’s riding gear online and look great and stay warm!

This was a long list, but don’t feel overwhelmed! Invest in some equipment and comforts and you’ll be using your bike in all weather conditions. If you’re like us, you never want an excuse to be off your bike, so let us help you get outfit for all your rainy weather riding.

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