Uniquely You: United's Guide to Custom Hockey Equipment

July 12, 2022
Uniquely You: United's Guide to Custom Hockey Equipment
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New equipment is great, but it’s even better when it's custom made specifically for you. When you're looking to take your game to the next level with custom skates, sticks, helmets, and goalie gear from all the top brands, look no further than United Sport & Cycle!

Custom skates


There's nothing better than lacing up a pair of custom skates made specifically for you. We offer a ton of different customization options beyond the fit the of the skate like eyelets, colorway, skate flex rating, liner, tongue, laces, and the blade itself. We can even put your name and number on your boot if you want!
We offer custom fit tailoring from three major skate brands: BauerCCM, and True.

Bauer’s 3D Skate Lab technology means you can get a perfectly fitting skate that has been molded to your foot specifically. It uses a 7 point foot profile system that takes specific measurements of the major areas of your foot while also alerting you to potential “hot spots” that may require extra attention during the fitting process. You also have the opportunity to create a custom player profile on Bauer’s database that contains your specialized fitting history and custom skate specs. This can be used to track your fit and performance progression over time so you can identify areas that you want to improve. 

Bauer Custom Skates 

CCM’s 3D Fit Scanner is another option for players who want a truly custom skate. It starts with the custom mold - the Fit Scanner scans every single part of your foot in order to get a complete picture of how it looks. That scan forms the basis of the CCM one piece custom boot. This system is great for people who have specific trouble areas or “problem feet” that are often aggravated by standard skates. The mold for the boot is created at CCM’s factory, and offers further customization options like tongue personalization so you can really zero in on the fit that works best for your feet. 

CCM Custom Skates 

True’s MonoForm design offers another avenue for players looking for a custom skate experience. It starts with their 3D foot scan which produces a detailed image of your foot, then uses a thermoformed boot that perfectly molds around the foot to produce a skate that fits perfectly. True prides themselves on a custom skate that's built from the inside out.

True Custom Skates

The average wait time for custom skates is 5-6 weeks.  

Custom goal equipment

If you’re looking to stand out in the net, consider our custom goalie equipment options! We know that as a goalie, your equipment is a huge part of your identity - so we want to help you look your best when your shutting the door between the pipes! We allow you to customize your pads, blocker, and trapper through any of the major brand websites and then order that set from us directly! We offer custom equipment from every goalie brand you can think of: Bauer, CCM, Brian’s, Vaughn, and True! Visit our custom goalie page to get started, or email goal@unitedsport.ca with any questions. 

The average wait time for custom goalie gear varies between manufacturer, but ranges from 10-22 weeks. Order now to get yours before the season starts!

Custom Goal Equipment

Custom helmets

CCM is bringing an elite helmet technology that’s being used by over 100 NHL players to the mainstream. The Super Tacks custom helmet system allows for a seamless fit so you can keep your mind on what really matters: the game. Our expert will take a scan of your entire head with CCM’s scanning technology to get a complete picture of its shape. Once the scan is complete and you have the full picture, you can pick from 22 different shell and 8 different vent colours to create a helmet that not only fits perfectly but will help you stand out on the ice as well!

CCM Custom Helmets

The average wait time for this CCM custom helmet is 8 weeks, but timelines change with demand, so get your scan done today!

Custom Sticks

Much like our custom goalie gear offerings, we can also offer custom player sticks through the MyBauer portal! With this tool, you can select the type of Bauer stick you want, then control exactly how you want it to feel by dictating the flex, taper, grip, and blade pattern. After you've found the perfect combination, you can also personalize the style of the stick by picking the colour and text on the shaft. If you're feeling especially patriotic, you can even pick your country's flag to add as well! If you're not sure which flex, kick, or lie is best for you, we can build your own custom stick with science! Bauer's Game Fit stick analysis tool helps our experts break down your shooting motion to perfectly cater a stick to your physical makeup and style of play. There is no need to buy in bulk, you can build your one of one custom stick today!

MyBauer stick customizer


Take over the game and stand out on the ice with our custom equipment options. Shop our options for skates, goalie equipment, and helmets either in store or online today!

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