Training with Resistance Bands

January 28, 2022
Training with Resistance Bands
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Resistance Bands - A Versatile Workout Tool

Resistance bands open up many different workout possibilities - no matter how experienced you are. These bands help you build up your power, strength, speed, and endurance. They're a must have item for any athlete looking to hone their craft but can also be used no matter what level of fitness you find yourself at.

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Here are four great exercizes that utilize the resistance band in different ways!

The assisted dip

This is a modified version of a triceps dip, with the resistance bands actually providing some help performing the exercise. Hang the band on each side of the bar, then use it to support your legs while doing the dip exercise. This method is great for people who are still building strength and might struggle a bit with unassisted triceps dips.

The assisted pullup

In the same style as the dip, the bands will help you here! Hook the band around the top of the pullup bar, put one knee through the opening, then use it for support when performing a pullup.

The band deadlift

This is an excellent exercise for anyone who wants to get into deadlifting but isn't experienced with plate weights. While standing on the band with your feet equal distance apart, grab the two ends and explode upwards using your legs. The band simulates the weight you would be lifting, and the risk of injury compared to using plate weights is much lower!


The band squat

This exercise requires a bit more flexibility and balance, but adds a nice bit of resistance to a regular squat exercise. Position the first part of the band under your feet, and take the second part up to your shoulders. You're essentially standing "inside" the opening created by your feet and shoulders while using the band as resistance. Performing a regular squat in this position using the band adds another layer of resistance to your regular workout!

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