United's Gym Going Accessories

September 22, 2022
United's Gym Going Accessories
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United isn’t just your destination for building a home gym, we can also help if you’re already going to a gym or planning on joining one. We have all the gym-going accessories you need to make every workout great! 

Level up your spin class 

Get the most out of your virtual ride with a pair of cycling shoes. These shoes are specially designed to fit bike pedals when pedalling - so there’s a lower risk of slipping off the pedal at high speed and injuring yourself. They also come with handy velcro straps that provide a fully adjustable fit - plus there’s no risk of your laces getting stuck in the pedals!

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We have all the gear you need to make your next yoga class as fulfilling as possible. We have an extensive collection of yoga gear so you can leave every class feeling fulfilled and recharged. 

For the slower lessons, we have yoga mats and meditation cushions so you can focus on deep breathing and relaxation during your session to truly get the most out of it. 

For those more involved sessions, we have yoga blocks and yoga balls to assist with different stretches and exercises that can increase your flexibility and balance without making you break a huge sweat. 

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Rested and recovered 

The recovery after your workout is just as important as the workout itself. If you don't take care of your body after your workout it limits the benefits you can actually gain from the workout itself. Massage your aching muscles after a workout with our selection of massage guns and personal massage tools. Using a personal massage gun promotes muscle healing and can improve your range of motion as well! Taking proper care of your muscles after a workout sets you up perfectly for the next one.

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Hydration help

Hydration is absolutely key not only during a workout, but also before and after. It helps your body prepare and recovery at a better pace so you can get the most out of your workouts. Our extensive selection of Biosteel hydration powders taste great and keep you hydrated in the right moments without being saturated with sugar. We also carry a selection of bars, chews, and gels that are that are high in protein to help stimulate proper recovery after an intense workout. The better your recovery methods are, the more prepared you'll be for the next workout!

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Support yourself

If you’re working your way back from an injury but still want to keep your body in shape at the gym, we offer a wide variety of braces and compression sleeves for your knees, calves, and ankles so you can train your body without putting too much stress on the specific area that’s injured. 

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Look the part 

We also have an extensive selection of athletic apparel like base layers, shorts, shirts, and duffle bags so you can train in comfort and style!

Whatever your reasons for going to the gym, make sure to stop by United beforehand so you can be fully prepared and get the most of out every workout. Shop with us in store or online today to get started!

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